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One of the functionsi Beavran Sofla Sardasht border city located in the western province is Yjan Azar, according to Interior Ministry Tqsmat village, Bryajy Village Center is located in the central portion. About rural population (1300-1500) were the households are  (280-300) Bashdrvsta households are within 10 kilometers West City  is located from the West and East Village for the Village Bavhe and Nyshkulan nuclear borders village on the main domain (grdi Rzy) with gentle slope is located along the row as engineer Game lines curve equal amount is located in the Foothills 0 Vrvsta is a self centeri, on behalf of the three villages, hills surrounded  is active in To the north of the river passes the village. And at the middle range of rural villages, the mosque - the village is a core position - spring water is now on the villagers pool, toilet and have just as active part Vzvkhanh upstream water springs village called (Drvzny) is the current climate of water Vnhr village center passes Vmvrfvlvzhy beauty to the landscape, which unfortunately have given the village and village sewage hub to be put inside a building wall Vhnvz Vjdvl is not acting, the village has a beautiful nature Nawaz is Vchshm mix fruit gardens, street gardens and springs very Zybav Vchshmh very heart heartache heart controversial Mybashdkh Rbayd any passersby to the existence Attractions environment has led residents of the village as a playground to play areas and other Sardasht 0 fortunately Drvmvrd history formation of village Vtarykh interesting information is available, the evidence Vqrayn time to shape the village during the reign of Mozaffar al-Din Shah Qajar, during the reign of Ahmad Shah Mygrddbtvrykh residential units to the number reaches 11 units. Btd - Ridge Tvayf during many different parts of the village have migrated into the village residents have been active in the past because of longstanding hostility domestic Beaver People Vrtndv that the original inhabitants, the village sa this special place on behalf of the three hill - Havkvh Game is surrounded mix is the ability to create military _ can explain all of the villagers due to pestilence Vrtndv between left and was evacuated Rvstayshan _ the other hand there a favorable soil water Frvan comments Tvayf immigrant is attracted to. What is clear is that natural conditions in the past been a steady teacher physical Vkalbdy villages societal and economical. How village life is not complete convergence if the alley within the village based on Game Vmabr password ease an animal is with a full set. The village houses are two-storey ground floor for storage of straw is Vlvfh Vtvylh second Vtbqh Location household size has been the second floor with large windows _ eastward to receive light and lighting during the day - is also building materials environment is obtained from the Essen (wood - stone - flower), but gradually over time been a steady teacher of physical culture societal village was changed, if the last decade (1370-1380) village Ybshtryn Vmakzymm has seen the changes, lack of land within the for rural housing and rural people was caused by the river to house their Rabna new homes here, despite being without Alhdas Map Game Vnzm engineering Vkvchh as cholera filled stairs screws are variable width. On the other hand Asqrar _ the main road connecting routes Vkhyaban Beaver Street Bashdv with the sub-branch Sardasht the gateway entrance to the village continue to create because residential houses on both sides of (43) building was new construction is low, the other office buildings Vtasysat Vkhdmaty (such as: ودرمان Health Center, Dhyary, boarding school, representing power, communications, cooperative, bakery, sellers of oil, primary school Vdkhtranh tips, Vchnd-purpose sports hall), all main street route establishment has noted that the village library, literacy movement, childcare phone is also water pipe, from now to Dhyary Tryz Street, Table Investment, creating Vkvchh street lighting lamps, the establishment of telephone Kysvk public beautification village, created in Venice street car low latitude it passes across the village action is Vjmyt Total Zyadv the above factors Kz myrrh being around villages has caused the Beaver to another village to the central location واصلی Brkhvdar Vrvstahay around peripheral role have social and cultural ecology from other villages is undergoing many changes, if the village during the conflict between modern culture coming Vsnty Vrvyayy this conflict in rural life is obvious if: 1. Cooperation Vtavn Vhmyary people (hey any هه g) Vkarhay the work to harvest agricultural engineer building a mass transit Vashtraky there with the traditional small community is clearly pale. 2. The number of university educated Vfargh education in the last ten years has had ascending garlic (about 30 student skill level Vlysans) automatically using the communications equipment has increased significantly and culture (280-250 line automatically estimate the number of mobile and satellite, 85 personal vehicle -35 machine ....) Kampyvtrv Ntychh changes beliefs and cultural life Vadab Vrsvm the village has changed which influenced the tribal Vtayfh the tissue, increase the number of young people have migrated abroad, reducing traditional agricultural activities, low efficiency Even Vlbas cover changes, reduction in local games, work-related hand knitting women Vsnay Vtghyyr Vrvsvm principles to Venice weddings Vrvsy other social changes has been changes in Yyndh Venice Vashtghal economic and educational status Vsvad and health status According Vdrmany little as revealed qualitative Vysvrt Vnmvdar table automatically deep respect readers will see over 0 Researcher: Siamand Foroughi (Far graduate degree graph Kartv Tehran University

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